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Select or Customise Hardware and Services

Hexagon Valley offer a range of solutions and packages to suit various business applications, listed below are our most popular packages.  We can also customise any of our solutions specific to your site, inlcuding power and data points, software integrations for contact tracing & staff attendance, digital signage CCTV cameras, public address and video conferencing.


Basic Package

Solution designed for staff scanning with mobile notifications, basic reporting direct from the USB drive and technical support via phone.

Standard-Temperature-Scanning Kiosk -Package

Standard Package

Including all items and services from the Basic Package. Adds our integrated software solution to enable remote viewing and notifications over your company network. Personnel management via facial recognition for contact tracing and/or payroll and advanced reporting with additional visitor management module.


Advanced Package

Including all items and services from the Basic and Standard Packages. Adds access control for existing turnstiles or locking mechanisms, advanced time attendance setup with access permission for staff and pre loaded visitors. Includes on-site technical support as well as phone support.


Custom Packages

Select any variety of hardware and services to specifically suit your application. Hexagon Valley can provide Digital Signage with remote access for loading content to display Health & Safety messaging or company promotions. Customised software integrations to enable visitor self registration or even integrate CCTV cameras into the same software.

Select Your Mounting Option

Wall Mounted

Scanners can be mounted directly to walls and can be positioned at any height.  Power and signal cabling can be routed inside wall cavities giving a professional and clean finish. 


Desk Stand

Scanners can be mounted to a desk surface, ideal for reception counters and suitable shelving.  Cabling can be hidden and managed under the base plate and then routed out of sight.


Floor Stand

The floor stand option is constructed from galvanised steel and stands at approx 1.5m high.  The design and finish make for a very clean and sleek installation.  Cables are routed internally.


*Unit can be integrated with existing setups, however Hexagon Valley does not provide products or integration with this package.

** Included in Hexagon Valley Preventative Maintenance Plan, contact us for more information about this service.

+ Visitor Management System

++ Contact Tracing


Our software solutions provide additional features and functionality for business contact tracing. Monitor scan results remotely, use facial recognition to record staff time sheets and control access to restricted areas

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