About Us

Established 2012
Our technicians and sales staff draw their expereince from a diverse background of communications, audio/visual, IT, marketing and design industries.  Although we come from different backgrounds the common factor to all of our team is a genuine drive to help our clients and each other to achieve and progress.

Actual After Sales Support

Many companies claim to provide after sales support but just don’t seem to care once the deal is done.
We are a little different, we depend on developing long term and ongoing relationships with our clients and we need your positive feedback to bring in new business.  If our clients have a problem after the install, we are here to support them.  

Win-Win Solutions

In all instances we are looking for the ideal solution that provides value to all parties involved.  Our clients need to benefit through implementing systems that give value and tangible benefits to their business or home and from their success we benefit and support our team from positive feedback and ongoing business. 
We will only implement systems that provide value and benefit to our clients.

Say it How it is

We work in the corporate world and appreciate that sometimes “diplomatic language” can get in the way of the actual facts.  At the risk of being a little forward we like to be open and honest with our clients, suppliers and co-workers, we would like to think of it as a happy medium between corporate and trade business segments.  Point being, don’t be afraid to tell us exactly what your think, it tends to get the project moving in the right direction. Also we look pretty tough, just check that picture with the tech’s folding their arms.

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