Finance Options

Hexagon Valley are a partner with FlexiCommercial, a business leasing solutions company.  FlexiCommercial offer a range of finance options and have a simple and fast application and approval process.


With simple monthly repayments and minimal red tape, leasing equipment for your business is the smart way to get ahead.  Easy Application, Fast Approval, no financials required if basic criteria are met.  Conserve your cashflow with  simple monthly payments and either bundle add-on equipment, upgrade or purchase equipment with flexible end of contract options. 

Matrix Collaboration

Operating Lease

With an operating lease you pay for the use of new business equipment in affordable monthly, tax deductible* payments that are easy on your cash flow. At the end of your lease, you can upgrade the equipment and sign a new lease, extend your lease or simply return the equipment to us. There are no residual payments at the end of the term.

Video Conferencing Systems

Finance Lease

At the end of a finance lease, you make a final pre-determined residual payment to own the equipment outright. It’s a smart way to fund machinery and equipment with a long-life span.  A finance lease helps you manage your cash flow and as the equipment is for business use your monthly lease payments may be tax deductible*. 

* Tax deductions may apply. Hexagon Valley does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details.

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