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Revamp your office and boost productivity and interaction through the use of video conferencing systems and digital signage.

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Use Cases for Corporate Video Conferencing Systems

  • Remote Meetings

    Remote meetings are super common and important. With video conferencing, folks can meet up with coworkers, clients, or other important people no matter where they are. It saves a bunch of time and money because nobody has to travel, and it helps everyone work together and make decisions on the spot.

  • Client Presentations

    Ever had to pitch something to a client but couldn't meet them in person? Video conferencing lets you do just that. You can show off your products or services, answer questions, and close deals, all without having to travel. It's like bringing the boardroom to your desk.

  • Training and Workshops

    Companies use video calls to hold virtual training sessions and workshops for employees in different locations. Whether it's teaching new hires, helping people develop new skills, or making sure everyone knows the rules, video calls make training easier, cheaper, and more scalable.

  • Interviews and Recruitment

    Video calls are a big part of the hiring process now. They let companies interview candidates from all over, making hiring faster and reaching more potential hires who might not be able to come in for an in-person interview.

  • Internal Communication

    Ensuring everyone stays informed is crucial for maintaining efficient operations. Whether it involves disseminating company information, conducting team gatherings, or simply touching base with colleagues, video conferencing simplifies the process of connecting with coworkers regardless of their location.

Use Cases for Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

From boosting internal communication to streamlining processes, digital signage transforms how businesses engage and inform. Boost your corporate environment with impactful displays and streamlined workflows tailored to your needs.

  • Digital Building Directory

    Simplify navigation within your corporate space with an interactive digital building directory. Visitors and employees can easily locate departments, offices, and amenities, enhancing their overall experience while reducing reliance on static signage.

  • Wayfinding

    Guide employees and visitors seamlessly through your office environment with dynamic wayfinding solutions. Whether it's navigating complex floor plans or directing individuals to specific destinations, digital signage offers intuitive and real-time directions, minimising confusion and optimising efficiency.

  • Meeting Room Management

    Streamline the process of booking and managing meeting spaces with digital signage. Display real-time availability, upcoming reservations, and room schedules to facilitate efficient utilisation of resources and minimise conflicts, ultimately improving productivity and enhancing collaboration.

  • Internal Digital Signage for Communication

    Keep employees informed and engaged with internal digital signage for communication. Share company announcements, updates, news, and important messages in a visually compelling and easily accessible format, fostering transparency, unity, and a sense of community within the organisation.

Seamless Content Management

Media can be deployed directly on to the digital signage display units, via a media device or remotely via network. We can support your devices and take care of content management and maintenance for your business – this allows faster deployment turnarounds using our ‘Done For You’ subscription service. Whether you are a business or shopfitter, we take care of your technology so you can focus on what you do best. Ask our team today for more information about our content management services.

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With a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge technology and tailored strategies, Hexagon Valley stands at the forefront of the industry. Our comprehensive suite of video conferencing and digital signage solutions is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of corporate environments, ensuring crisp, clear, and effective communication channels. From dynamic displays to intuitive content management systems, Hexagon Valley empowers businesses to elevate their messaging, enhance workplace dynamics, and drive unparalleled engagement. Choose Hexagon Valley for seamless integration, unparalleled support, and a transformative communication experience in the corporate setting.

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We provide services across the entirety of the Melbourne Metropolitan area and manage projects nationally through our trusted network of installers. Additionally, we proudly serve the Mid North Coast region, stretching from Newcastle to Coffs Harbour.

What People Say About Us

Skandan Kumar
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Matt, Andrew and their team are fantastic at what they do. Their recommendation for our office video conferencing system does the job per our requirement. They are very supportive and ready to help any time over phone. Delivery and installation were done within 1 week as promised. Kudos to this team. 10/10 would recommend them to anyone.
Steve Gerken
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I was referred to Matt and his team at Hexagon Valley to get assistance with a quality home office solutions for video and audio. Matt was really great with looking at packages and equipment that suited my home office environment to make sure I was committing to the right type of equipment. In a COVID environment I hardly leave my home and the wide angle quality video camera and bluetooth & usb handsfree noise cancelling voice-point equipment has been the best investment to deliver quality zoom calls to our clients... any follow-up questions I have had in setting it up the team at Hexagon have been really quick to respond and resolve. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hexagon Valley and their excellent service !!!
Aaron Kane
Read More
Matt and the team found a great solution for our new office fit out from security cameras to interactive screens in our board room! Thanks guys
Dennis Yong
Read More
Matt and the team at Hexagon Valley have been great to work with and are professional outfit that provides exceptional service. I would highly recommend them if you were looking to do anything related to audio visual.

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