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StaySafeAI AITRA Scanner

The StaySafeAI AITRA uses facial recognition technology and is the next generation of intelligent access control. The StaySafeAI AITRA has a high scan speed and can be used in high volume environments.

Our software solutions provide additional features and functionality for business contact tracing. Monitor scan results remotely, use facial recognition to record staff time sheets and control access to restricted areas

Our range of scanning packages can be tailored to suit the requirements of your business. Add digital signage to guide staff and visitors through the scanning process and view ongoing support options.


AI algorithm achieves 300 millisecond facial recognition


Completely contact free scanning system without the need for staff interaction


High accuracy facial recognition system


Functionality to integrate with audio systems to provide audible notifications to local or remote workstations


Functionality to integrate with locking systems on existing doors or with access control gates


Software application option to monitor staff and visitors over a local network and view on any computer workstation

How Does it Work?

StaySafeAi AITRA facial recognition technology is the next generation of intelligent staff screening and access control that combines infrared imaging technology, dynamic face detection technology and intelligent scan capture technology.

StaySafeAi AITRA has a high measurement sensitivity, fast acquisition speed and a non contact measurement sensor. The device is capable of both facial recognition and mask detection.

The product can be used independently or with an existing access control system.


Temperature Scan Door_Access

Access Control

Optional Access Control Functions for Integration with Locking Systems

Temperature Scan Computer_Access

Remote Monitor

Monitor Staff from Remote Workstations via Integrated Networking Capabilities

Temperature Scan Digital_Signage

Digital Signage

Display Health, Safety, Promotions and Guide Individuals to Perform a Scan Prior to Entering


Access Gates

Integrate Staff Scanning with
Turnstiles or Access Gates

Temperature Scanning Control Unit

StaySafe AI

Non-Contact Staff Scanning
 Central Control Platform

Temperature-Scan-Audible Notifcation


Notify Staff of Scans Using Audible Notifications

Staff Scanning Solutions

Staff scanning solutions usually cost tens of thousands of dollars to install and can be quite large and cumbersome. Our unique, Australian certified solution is an attractive alternative at only a fraction of the cost.

We offer a comprehensive solution for automated, contactless staff scanning with additional features such as Facial Recognition, Alarm Integration and Access Control.

Features and Benefits

Industries Using Staff Scanning













How Can Hexagon Valley Assist Your Business?

Our consultants can answer any questions you have regarding implementing staff scanning in to your business. We can provide onsite demonstrations of systems and can advise on the best installation practices specific to your site.

We offer ongoing support, 12 months installation and 3 years product warranty and our experienced and qualified technicians provide end to end installation.

We also provide digital signage to ensure your clients and employees are well informed about procedures, communicate best practices and inform customers and staff of general updates and business promotions.

Would you like more information?

To further support businesses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane we are offering a free on site consultation and product demonstration. We can deliver this remotely to anywhere in Australia also.

You can either call us directly on 1300 439 246 or fill out the details below for a call back.

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