Benefits of Digital Signage in Real Estate

Modernise the face of your business.

Your consumers use technology everyday, and attention spans are very limited. Website bounce rates are higher than ever, and the way we consume content has changed in the last 10 years, yet most real estate agents still rely on filling their shopfront with small placards of available properties to increase sales.

What’s working?

Placards still have benefits in that they are still useful for social proof of sold properties, or displaying how many homes a real estate agency is managing, conveying popularity of the agency. They provide some detailed information about specific properties which can be useful to someone in the market for a home or rental.

How can we improve our signage?

Information displayed on placards are only catering for individuals who are on the street and actively looking for a property at the agent. Another way of saying this, is that the signage is actively targeting customers at a particular stage in the buying funnel.

The best use of digital signage, is to utilise the large form factor and motion and using it to attract potential customers to your agency. This can create a large point of difference, especially when there are other real estate competitors in the same location.

What can we use for content?

Real Estate agencies spend a large portion of their marketing budget on photography and videography for their properties and quite often have existing material from the marketing departments. This is a huge opportunity to leverage the existing artwork, display promotions, showcase hero photos and impressive properties.

Agencies can also elect to share some screen time for local initiatives and promote their local community, including schools. This shows connection, goodwill and gives prospective buyers an idea about the local area they may be buying in to.

All business owners can really utilise their shopfront as a medium for powerful marketing messages. With digital signage, the possibilities are endless which is why it is no surprise that signage can increase traffic as much as 33%.

How can we help?

We can support any Melbourne business by choosing the most effective signage, and setting up easy to use platforms to instantly manage content from anywhere in the world. We can optimise existing content and assets to fit your screens, and even create custom video help showcase your content professionally.

We offer ongoing support, maintenance and management plans to ensure your digital signage is operating efficiently with minimal downtime. This will enable you to focus of what you do best, and have piece on mind that your signage and platforms are taken care of.

I’m interested. How can we discuss this further?

We can arrange a consultation to discuss your unique requirements, and come up with a specific proposal in line with your marketing objectives and budget for your project.

Please call us on 1300 439 246 to arrange a discussion.

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