Dahua PSD8802-A180 4x2MP Multi-Sensor Panoramic Network Camera+PTZ Camera

> Panoramic: Four 1/1.9” 2Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
> PTZ: One 1/1.9” 2Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
> H.265/H.264 triple-stream encoding
> 25fps@4096×1800+50/60fps@1080P
> Support 180-degree panoramic view
> Day/Night(ICR), 3DNR, AWB, AGC, BLC
> Smart tracking
> Intelligent Function
> Micro SD memory, IP67, IK10

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System Overview

The Dahua PSD8802-A180 Panoramic Multi-Sensor plus PTZ camera combines four (4) 2MP sensors working in tandem and a high-speed PTZ camera to create a comprehensive 180° view. With its all-in-one design, the camera provides a 180° panorama and provides region of interest details at the same time. In addition, the PSD8802-A180 offers the Intelligent Video System (IVS), a built-in video analytic algorithm that delivers intelligent functions to monitor a scene for Tripwire violations, intrusion detection and smart tracking. A camera with IVS quickly and accurately responds to monitoring events in a specific area. The PSD8802-A180 camera can replace multiple single-sensor cameras providing a higher return on investment

Starlight Technology

Featured with Dahua Starlight Technology, the camera is ideal for applications with challenging light conditions. Its low light performance delivers usable video with minimal ambient light. Even in extreme low light conditions, Starlight Technology is capable of delivering colour images in nearly complete darkness.

True Day/Night

A day/night mechanical IR cut filter makes this camera ideal for applications with fluctuating lighting conditions, delivering colour images during the day and automatically switching to monochrome as the scene darkens.


Panoramic cameras provide 180 °, 360 ° full range of video scene, bringing people a new sense of real live and interactive experience. Dahua provides two kinds of panoramic camera, single sensor fisheye camera and multi-sensor camera, both of them can offer 180-degree & 360-degree panoramic image. Through working together with PTZ camera which offer whole scene and region details at same time. It provided new surveillance experience to end user and improved the surveillance quality.


Standard Dahua camera can function from -30°C to +60°C(-22 °F to +140 °F) with 95% humility, meanwhile some models support heater module optional which allows the camera to function from -40°Cto +60°C (-40 °F to +140 °F). With a temperature range of -40 °C to +60 °C, the camera is designed for extreme temperature environments. Supporting ±25% input voltage tolerance, this camera suits even the most unstable conditions for outdoor applications. Its 6KV lightning rating provides effective protection for both the camera and its structure against lightning. IP67 is supported by the camera, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. IK10 compliance enables the camera to sustain the equivalent of 55 kg (120lbs) force.


Detailed Specifications



Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 44.9 × 34.2 cm
Camera features

IR, Starlight

Focal length



4096 x 1800




2 MP


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