Dahua VCS-MCU91B0

> Max. 10 channels 30fps @ 1080P simultaneous streaming, adapts to different networking requirements
> Excellent network adaptability and multiple backup mechanisms ensure operation stability and reliability
> Conforms to industry standards and perfectly interoperable with other conferencing products
> Compatible with standard security equipment and Dahua video surveillance platforms, achieving seamless connection with traditional security systems
> Built-in easy to use GK/WEB graphic operation interface
> Standard rack installation for convenient and flexible deployment
> Simple scaling. Supports cascading capacity


System Overview

The Dahua MCU91B0 series multi-point control unit is a next generation full-HD video conferencing management platform. The MCU91B0 is a cost-effective, high-performance MCU product suitable for small to mid-scale conference system networking. It offers intelligent access for a variety of endpoints providing users with the ultimate video conferencing experience.

Powerful performance for an ultimate experience

The powerful MCU91B0 supports max. 10 sites 30fps @ 1080P simultaneous streaming which is the ideal choice for small to mid-scale conference system networking. Users can also create meetings according their requirements. The MCU uses industry-leading OPUS audio coding technology, delivering users excellent audio-visual experiences.

Strong network adaptability provides seamless experience for low bandwidth connections

Thanks to our unique anti-packet loss technology, MCU91B0 ensures normal operation of audio and video in the event of a 30% packet loss or 800ms delay. By supporting a new generation of H.265 encoding technology, the device adapts to different networking requirements and provides a 1080P full-HD image over low bandwidth connections.

Open standards, compatible interoperability

Conforming to ITU-TH.323 and IETF SIP communication standards, the MCU91B0 supports industry standard A/V encoding technologies and achieves seamless interconnection with products that meet international standards. Meanwhile, it achieves integration with security products which conforms to industry standard.

Secure and reliable carrier-class architecture

Benefiting from carrier-class standard ATCA architecture and multiple secure encryption methods, the MCU91B0 can ensure meeting data security and stability. It also supports hot swapping and multiple backup mechanisms, such as network ports, power supplies, etc.

Easy to use, simple scaling

User-friendly GK/WEB graphic operation interface making essential management work easier and more effective. Cascading capacity expansion offers smooth scalability


Detailed Specifications

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 × 43.3 × 43.5 cm

1920 x 1080




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