Dahua PHSA1.9-EH/PHSA1.9-SH Indoor Fine Pixel LED

Bezel-free LED video wall system with the option of 1080P, 4K, or customised resolution. This low power, environmentally friendly display offers beautiful colour brightness that will last.



> Bezel-free native 1080P, 4K and customised resolution LED video wall system.
> Ultimate visual performance with 16 bit grey scale, 1920 Hz refresh rate and 3000:1 contrast ratio.
> 24/7 reliability, 100,000 hours lifespan at least.
> Dot by dot calibration ensures excellent colour and brightness uniformity.
> Low power consumption, environment friendly.
> Natural heat dissipation mechanism enables fan-less design, no noise.
> PHSA2.5-EH and PHSA2.5-SH adopt different LED package.

Detailed Specifications

Additional information

Dimensions 65 × 36.5 × 8.8 cm
Bezel Size



1920 x 1080, 3840 x 2160

Brightness (nits)

600 nits


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