Video Walls - Featured Products

At Hexagon Valley we have an array of Video Wall products to suit any application. Whether it be a venue, car dealership or retail store we have products to suit most budgets. Below are two example bundles we supply and install.

Dahua Video Wall Bundle

Our Dahua Video Wall Bundle comes with 9x 55″ panels with a small bezel, great viewing angle and brightness. They are a perfect fit for any security monitoring applications or large venues or shopping centres, when paired with Dahua security cameras. They are also an attractive option for retail outlets and entertainment venues due to their competitive pricing.

The package is completed with 9 mounting brackets, and the Dahua NVD0905DH-4K control unit. Boasting 4K decoding, the latest H.265 codec support, DVI and HDMI inputs as well as network capacity with minimal latency and 9 dedicated HDMI outputs, this Ultra-HD Network Video Decoder is the perfect companion to the video wall panels. With ability to connect to your Security Camera NVR over network or by HDMI extender, streaming camera feeds is a breeze. Its web interface makes it possible to configure the screens to your liking.

Philips Video Wall Bundle

Our Philips Video Wall Bundle comes with 4x 49″ panels with minimal bezel and 450 nits brightness, allowing perfect, distraction free viewing. Philips displays are industry standard, are made to be robust, reliable and reasonably priced with great viewing angles and colour representation.

Paired with the premium Vogel 3D mounting system, the screens can be adjusted perfectly in all dimensions allowing for a perfect alignment in your installation, whilst having a pleasing aesthetic sure to impress the most fastidious of buyers.