Digital signage and interactive kiosks are a powerful tool for retail outlets to promote and engage customers.  Integrated camera systems can also be utilised to provide valuable feedback about customer habits and identify foot traffic and customer hotspots within stores.  Camera systems can then double as surveillance for OH&S and to deter and reduce theft within stores.

Digital Signage

Stand out from the competition and align with the digital generation.  Offering a range of purpose built screens to undergo 24/7 operation with the luminance required to capture attention and impress.  Massive selection of options to cover any space in any size and configuration.  4K resolutions available and a vast range of mounting options.


Keeping track of public and staff activity in retail stores is important to deter theft and to identify any issues that may arise.  Cameras can also be utilised for OH&S issues if they arise in order to demostrate compliance and to show footage as required to authorities involved.  The same systems can be utilised to customise advertising and to engage customers. 

Interactive Kiosks

Touchscreen kiosks and wall mounted touch panels can be utilised to provide detailed product information, including location and specifications.  Systems can also be configured to process orders or to engage the customer with integrated camera systems displaying custom content to customer demographic using facial recognition technology.

Real-Time Targeted Advertising

Integrated camera and display systems can be configured to identify customer demographic using facial recognition technology.  Age, gender, mood and other factors can be considered and used to customise advertising in real time as the customer walks towards one or more display panels.  Demographic information can be recorded and further utilised for marketing.

People Counting & Heatmap

Advanced cameras provide People Counting functionality which counts foot traffic at store entrances and can export daily/monthly/yearly reports. A fisheye camera like the Dahua 6MP Panoramic with panamorph provides heat map functionality displaying hot and cold areas based on customer flow, allowing for enhanced business analysis. Fisheye cameras also provide a 360 degree image of the store floor.

POS Integration

Customer disputes and cashier fraud frequently occur at the checkout counter. HD video, audio, and POS overlay can identify problems and provide evidence of any theft or fraudulent behaviour.  Video and corresponding POS information can be shown simultaneously in both live and playback mode. The system also supports text search to find receipts and their associated video recordings