Soundsphere Model 110B Compact Loudspeaker

» Hemispherical coverage pattern
» Accurate, full-range voice announcements
» Light weight enables many varied mounting possibilities
» Fully assembled and ready to mount
» Hanging or surface mount


For seamless background music & clear voice announcements:

• Supermarkets & Retail Stores
• Factories
• Warehouses
• Courtrooms
• Classrooms & Other Educational Facilities
• Stadium or Arena Concourses, Gift Shops & Rest Rooms
• Airports & Transportation Centers
• Office Building Reception Areas
• Restaurants
• Casinos
• Shopping Center Common Areas & Food Courts
• And anywhere background music and articulate voice announcements are required.

The Soundsphere Model 110B loudspeaker was designed to provide clear voice announcements, seamless background music and even, omnidirectional coverage. The Model 110B is a compact, unobtrusive speaker that is just 10″ in diameter and offers fast distributed system installation. Applications include retail stores; factories and warehouses; mass transportation centers; restaurants; and stadium and arena concourses, gift shops and rest rooms.

Accessories will be factory installed. If in doubt as to your application’s requirements, please consult with Customer Service at the Soundsphere factory. The Model 110B is light weight which allows many mounting possibilities, using either our hanging kit or mounting bracket. Colours available in gloss black or textured white.

Detailed Specifications

Additional information

Dimensions 37.8 × 30.2 cm



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