Philips 43BDL4050D Product Bundle with Vogel Mounts


Philips 43BDL4050 43″ Digital Display Bundle

Our Featured Digital Signage Bundle includes 3 Philips 43BDL4050 Digital Signage Display Monitors and high quality Vogel Mounts in their amazing modular system. Vogel mounts give the most professional, clean look to mounting your digital signage and is appropriate for high end architectural, retail or hospitality environments where quality and design is important to you, to ensure your clients are presented with an aesthetically pleasing look to your mounted digital signage.

The Philips displays are an industry standard in the hospitality industry. The 450 nits output is appropriate for indoor or low ambient light environments, are robust and suitably priced for quality equipment built to last for years.

All of our Philips displays come standard with a 3 year, onsite warranty and we recommend them in combination with the Fusion signage application. This enables remote management of your displays, to ensure pricing, promotion and content changes can be easily made from any location, with no technician callouts, or disruption to your business. Avoid the inconvenience of early morning callouts, changing USB inputs and managing playlists on ladders in front of your customers whilst trying to work around staff members!