Meeting Room Video Conferencing System


This Video Conferencing Bundle is an ideal package for businesses wanting to bring their meeting room technology to the modern era. This package includes a high quality Aver VB342+ Video Soundbar with Integrated Web Cam. This is a perfect solution for permanent mounting, clearing your workspace from clutter.

We recommend pairing this with a mountable 55″ 4K Commbox Touchscreen Display. This is currently the optimal display for video conferencing in a larger form factor, giving you plenty of resolution for presenting complex spreadsheets and presentations, watching 4K content and video streams; and increasing productivity by having a greater workspace for general use.

With the added benefit of a touchscreen, presenters are given a familiar, easy to use interface whether they are a Windows, Mac or even primarily a phone user. No maintenance required, no casting shadows on your presentation, delivered in ultra high definition. Be seen and heard clearly, and make every meeting more professional and productive.

Keep Connected. Stay Motivated.

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