Dahua VCS-RPS3C0 Integrated Telepresence System

> Simple and portable units integrate 1080P full-HD camera, codec, MIC, loudspeaker, 2 display screens and a frame with wheels, making it easy to use
> Supports H.265 video encoding protocol provide life-like
> Supports OPUS audio coding technology, creating Hi-Fi audio-visual experiences
> Provides life-like experiences even with ultra-low bandwidth
> Perfectly interoperable with other conferencing products making it simple to operate and easy to maintain


System Overview

The Dahua telepresence series RPS3C0 is a simple and portable unit with
1080P full-HD camera, codec, mic, loudspeaker, 2 display screens, and a
frame with wheels, which is suitable for small to mid-size meeting rooms.
The RPS3C0 supports dual 60fps @ 1080P full-HD image and OPUS audio
coding technology, bringing you a life-like face-to-face experience.

Highly integrated, easy to deploy

Utilising an integrated design with 1080P full-HD camera, codec, MIC, loudspeaker, 2 display screens, and a frame with wheels, the RPS3C0 can easily bring video conferencing into the office and meeting room. Combined with dual 49’’, 55’’, or 65’’ monitors, RPS3C0 brings users a lifelike face-to-face experience.

Powerful built-in MCU

Embedded with a powerful MCU, the RPS3C0 lets you create meetings without requiring the purchase of external expensive MCUs (Multi-point Control Units). The device supports 4 sites 30fps @ 1080P or 6 sites 30fps @ 720P, which perfectly satisfies the needs of video conferences and enables efficient communication.

Outstanding full-HD PTZ camera

Benefiting from a 1/2.8” 2.1MP CMOS sensor, the RPS3C0 delivers a 60fps @ 1080P full-HD image. The RPS3C0 features a fast, accurate, and stable auto vari-focal lens with up to 12x optical zoom, allowing for viewing wide angle images at a distance.

Strong network adaptability provides seamless experience for low-bandwidth connections

Thanks to our unique anti-packet loss technology, RPS3C0 ensures normal operation of audio and video in the event of a 30% packet loss or 800ms delay. By supporting a new generation of H.265 encoding technology, the device adapts to different networking requirements and provides a 1080P full-HD image over low bandwidth connections.

Record meetings onto USB drives

Powerful meeting recording enables you to archive real-time meetings, which is crucial for meeting reviews. With the RPS3C0, all you need is a USB drive to record meeting video.


Detailed Specifications

Additional information

Dimensions 188 × 247.8 × 50 cm

1920 x 1080




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