BOSCH1420 K6000-GFX-3T KIT


Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm Panel

Outdoor/Indoor Siren and Strobe

3 x Bosch Blue line Gen tri-tech pet immune detectors

Power Supply and Battery

Three year Manufacturers Warranty

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The Bosch K6000-GFX-3T Solution 6000 Warehouse Alarm System Kit can provide 144 hard wired or 144 Wireless alarm zones with expansion modules. The alarm panel by itself can have a mixture of 16 radio ” requires wireless receiver module to enable” or wired zones. Examples of alarm devices are movement detectors, reed switches, and smoke detectors.

The Solution 6000 has eight programmable areas and a stay area that’s programmable for warehouse after hours invasion protection. Meaning it can have a stay area with devices reed switches etc. that will go into alarm if opened while it’s after hours. Programmable areas mean you can partition the alarm system example: You have a keypad in your in the warehouse front office to arm and disarm the office area and a code pad in the store warehouse to arm and disarm that area separately. Or with programming you can operate both areas from the one keypad so one area can be on while the other is disarmed and vice versa.

If you install a wireless remote kit to it, the 3 and 4th key fob buttons can be setup to control your roller warehouse doors this function can be help full as you will only need one remote for alarm and roller door operation. To make this feature work it requires programming and an extra output expansion module

The kit comes with three Bosch Gen two tri-tech pet immune detectors that are best for harsh warehouse environments. These detectors have one passive Infrared and microwave sensor. The two technology sensors have to see the same movement to go into alarm. To find out more about different detectors see this link Detector Types. This kit is suited to single story warehouse installation, it would be a good idea if you looked at this link to see if your property may have installation issues see cabling installation issues. 

The Bosch 6000 panel has a PSTN dialer and can be configured for back to base contact id monitoring or domestic dialing, self-monitoring, TXT message self-monitored and email reporting. The Solution 6000 also has GSM dialer module available to purchase that allows connection with a smart phone app for Android or iPhone burglar alarms control.

The Bosch Solution 6000 can also provide access control functionality with the ability to support finger print and access card readers. One solution 6000 panel supports 16 doors, gates, etc.


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