Action Presenter Video Conferencing Bundle


The Action Presenter Video Conferencing Bundle is an ideal package for the users who want an extra level of professionalism, productivity and creativity. This package includes an easy to use, plug and play, battery-powered, YVC-200 Yamaha Portable Speakerphone.

The YVC-200 is paired with an Aver Cam 520, which is a perfect companion for those who require a Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camera. This model will allow users to manually control the camera via remote control, and create presets which focus on different parts of the room and the primary presenter’s position. Get close up on your presentation with 18x Zoom, and then shift the camera back to a wide angle view of the room with a click of a button.

Be seen and heard clearly, and make every meeting more professional and productive.

Keep Connected. Stay Motivated.