23″ to 55″ Slimline Tilt TV Bracket Mount


This is a slimline tilting bracket which sits just 37mm (3.7cm) off the wall, which is much closer to the wall than most other brackets. It is designed for use with the ultra slim LED screens, but is also suitable for use with LCDs and Plasmas. However, please note that most manufacturers recommend that LCDs and plasmas are not to be mounted within a certain distance from the wall, due to heat and ventilation concerns. It is important that you check your TV’s manual to be sure it is suitable to be mounted this close to the wall.

Ultra Slimline Low-Profile Tilting Design
This bracket sits just 37mm (3.7cm) from the wall, but also offers up to 12 degrees of forward tilt motion which is perfect for getting the right angle and avoiding glare from light sources such as windows.

This bracket includes a variety of screws/bolts which are suitable for most installations. Unfortunately, due to the enormous range of TV brands and models available, we’re unable to guarantee that the included fixings will suit every installation.

As with all wall brackets, if mounting on plasterboard walls it is essential that this bracket is fixed to a timber stud. This bracket can also be mounted on brick/concrete walls.

– Ultra low-profile design
– Tilt motion up to 12 degrees
– Distance from wall: 37 mm
– Security locking bar (just add a padlock to secure your TV)
– Weight capacity: 60kg
– Integrated bubble level

Great for Slim Line TVs or when you need to get close to a wall, with some downward tilt.


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