Government and Council

Moving further into the digital age it is now increasingly important for government divisions to align with the new generation of data delivery and presentation.  Utilising the available touchscreen and conferencing technology compliments and enhances collaboration and allows for input and review at all stages of any project.  Surveillance systems for public places, secure facilites and staff offices reduces risk and supports correct OH&S activites as well as helping to protect people and the environment.

Interactive Displays

Installing interactive screens provides the opportunity for businesses to provide comprehensive and intuitive presentations to co-workers, clients and suppliers either locally or over the web.  Presenters and viewers can contribute to presentations and program edits in real time from phones and tablets as well as on the main touch panel.


Keeping track of public activity in various council areas is important for health and safety and to assist with the protection of local flora and fauna.  Surveillance systems can be utilised for secure facilites and council offices with facial detection and recognition functionality to identify and observe activity. 

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can be integrated into any system to allow full remote access and information delivery options operating from any off site location.  Joining video feeds with other divisions, suppliers and clients can greatly improve productivity and allow for new opportunites. 

Access Content


Installing interactive screens provides the opportunity for presenters, trainers and staff to access live and stored content to improve the information deilvery experience for all involved.  Staff can store and annotate meeting notes from their own devices while allowing co-workers to access content from other rooms or facilities.


Interactive screens provide the option for staff to contribute to the presentation in real time from phones and tablets as well as the main screen for the presenter.  This connectivity can be set-up with the Commbox Screen Beam or available integrated with the Hitachi Wireless Mirroring and Annotation enabled screens.  Furthermore video conferencing can be integrated into any system to allow full remote access and delivery options or live presentations running concurrently.

Save and Dowload

Storing notes and enabling staff to access data at any stage provides a great advantage for review and reference, a range of software is readily available to take full advantage of touchscreen capability, taking the next step in empowering the company with the best tools for success.