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At Hexagon Valley, we offer premium digital signage installation with content design and management as complete solutions. Whether you are looking for a bespoke digital menu, signage for your retail store, internal signage for office spaces or attractive outdoor signage, we have simple and effective solutions for your business. We also provide touch screens if you are looking for an interactive experience.

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State Of The Art Digital Signage

We supply and install stunning 4k and high definition panels for a range of applications and business environments including retail, hospitality, realestate, corporate and more. Our accredited installation team provides customised solutions for your project, ensuring maximum impact and engagement with your customers.

Signage Installation For Your Business

We manage the end-to-end process when choosing the right digital signage solution for your business. This removes the need to engage multiple contractors which reduces project costs and scheduling mayhem. From selection to installation, our experienced team of technicians work with you throughout the entire process, ensuring your digital signage not only looks great, but performs at its best 24/7.

Window Facing Digital Signage
ARB Video Wall
Boardroom Wireless Touchscreen Monitor

Seamless Content Management

Media can be deployed directly on to the digital signage display units, via a media device or remotely via network. We can support your devices and take care of content management and maintenance for your business – this allows faster deployment turnarounds using our ‘Done For You’ subscription service. Whether you are a business or shopfitter, we take care of your technology so you can focus on what you do best. Ask our team today for more information about our content management services.

Common Questions About Digital Signage And Installation

Digital signage is great for attracting customers in high traffic areas such as shopping centres and any street facing businesses on busy roads. For conversions and upsells, digital displays perform best at the point of sale where most customers make their buying decisions. Effective digital signage can also increase sales volume by as high as 32%, according to Independent Retailers.

Digital signage is incredibly customisable and can be changed to suit any promotions or seasonal changes. An attractive sign can help drive sales and boost profit margins through eye catching graphics and animation. Display customer testimonials, social media posts, address customer satisfaction and alert customers of loyalty programs they may not be aware of, the choice is up to you.

Ongoing technical support is included for all digital signage installations, ensuring your needs are being met. We are committed to providing you peace of mind that your specialist signage installation continues to engage and captivate your audience without interruption.

Compared to static signage, digital signage is easy to control and is changeable at any time. This enables you to create a customised and tailored experience through dynamically serving relevant content, at different times of day to your audience.

Yes. Alongside boosting ongoing revenue for your brand, some customers may opt to rent out digital advertising time to other businesses, charities, schools or organisations in the local area. Not only can this create goodwill for the business, but it can help to rapidly pay off the initial investment of digital signage. The signage can even be utilised to advertise products in store, to further supplier relationships and create an additional revenue stream through brand prominence.

As most customers make their purchase decisions in store, digital signage is a perfect tool to convey messages such as in-store specials, promos, upsells or advertising to customers at the point of purchase. All content is easy to update, giving you full control over changing your messaging and advertising as needed.

Drawing upon years of industry knowledge in the audio visual, security and communication professions, we only send experienced and accredited technicians to our clients. Occupational Health and Safety is a top priority for our staff and customers, with all work undertaken professionally and safely following industry best practices.

Wide Range Of Technology Solutions

As well as digital signage, video walls and touch screens, our technicians are experienced in the installation of audio systems, security camera installations, video conferencing systems and data cabling installations.

Our Clients

We are excited to work alongside both small and nationally recognised businesses, to expand their brand awareness and create new experiences in store for their customers.

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At Hexagon Valley, we specialise in digital signage, interactive touch screens, video walls and security camera systems. We aim to provide a turnkey solution to the most common audio visual technologies requested by our clients. 

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