Installation of surveillance systems in the home are a great deterrent to potential intruders and a way to check in when away.  Being able to remotely access camera feeds allows for peace of mind and recordings provides evidence for police or insurance companies if required.  Systems can be installed discreetly or as a visual deterrent to intruders.


Surveillance systems are a great way to keep an eye on the home while away.  It is not a failsafe method of protecting the home but is a major deterrent from break-ins.  If a break-in does occur the footage can be used to provide evidence to police and insurance companies for a claim.  All of our systems can be viewed remotely at any time from any smart device and can be recorded locally or off-site.

Remote Access

All of our surveillance systems can be viewed via remote access software on any phone, tablet or computer.  All that is required is an internet connection and then all camera feeds can be viewed from anywhere with a connection to the internet.  Basic functions can be changed via phone and tablet and advanced functions can be adjusted via computer using Dahua SmartPSS software


Systems can be configured to trigger an alarm if a tripwire drawn as an overlay onto the video image is crossed.  It can be set in either direction or both directions and can be set to send an email, a push notification to a smart device or even to a separate siren or flashing security beacon.  Rules can be set within the system to engage the tripwire at certain times, for example overnight or during work hours. 

Face Detection

Facial detection can be set on surveillance systems to provide a very quick way of identifying individuals at different times.  This is useful when a lot of footage needs to be checked or many people are passing by the cameras being checked.  As opposed to manually checking days of footage the system can provide a list of detected faces with times and dates that face appeared.


Working in a similar way to the tripwire function, systems can be configured to trigger an alarm when an area is entered.  The area is defined by drawing an overlay onto the video feed which is set off when the area detects something crossing into that position.  Any number of alarms can be triggered from phone push notifications to sirens and flashing beacons.

Nanna Cam

Monitoring family who may be elderly or unwell utilising surveillance camera systems can be a very practical solution.  A basic system can alert family to any problems such as a trip or fall or medical emergency.  Can also be setup for pets.  Please ensure the individual understands the system and provides consent to being monitored using cameras prior to installation.